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Customized Seminars

Configure your seminar according to your needs by combining the existing ones or with new scopes.


CE1.- Measurement and Monitoring Systems Technology.

CE1.1.- Chain Measurement and Instrumentation Workshop. (8 h)

CE1.2.- Machinery Monitoring Systems. (8 h)

CE1.3.- Structural Monitoring Systems. (8 h)

CE1.4.- Diesel Engines and Turbochargers Monitoring Systems. (4 h)

CE1.5.- Turbomachinery Monitoring Systems. (4 h)

CE1.6.- VibroSight – VM600 Workshop. (8 h)

CE1.7.- VibroSight – VibroSmart Workshop. (8 h)

CE1.8.- Air Gap Monitoring Monitoring Systems. (4 h.)


CE2.- Machinery Diagnosis and Industrial Assets.

CE2.1.- Diagnosis and RCA. (24 h)

CE2.2.- Tools and Diagnosis Techniques. (48 h)

CE2.2.1.- Mechanical Vibration Analysis. (16 h)

CE2.2.2.- Acoustic. (8 h)

CE2.2.3.- Electric Signature Analysis (ESA) and Motor Circuit (MCA). (8 h)

CE2.2.4.- Tribology. (8 h)

CE2.2.5.- Diagnostic Techniques Workshop: IR, US y ENDs. (8 h)

CE2.3.- Hydraulic Machines: Pumps and Fans.  (16 h)

CE2.4.- Compressors. (16 h)

CE2.5.- Diesel Engines. (16 h)

CE2.6.- Turbomachinery. (16 h)

CE2.7.- Wind turbines. (16 h)

CE2.8.- Ships and Offshore structures. (16 h)

CE2.9.- Piping systems. (16 h)

CE2.10.- Structures and constructions. (8 h)

CE2.11.- Electrical machines. (16 h)

CE2.12.- Bearings diagnosis Workshop. (4 h)

CE2.13.- Gearboxes diagnosis Workshop (4 h)

CE2.14.- Root cause failure analysis: Case studies. (16 h)


CE3.- Maintenance Engineering and Reliability.

CE3.1.- Condition Based Maintenance on board vessels. (21 h)

CE3.2.- Predictive maintenance PdM Seminar. (21 h)

CE3.3.- Inspections based on Risk Seminar (RBI). (21 h)

CE3.4.- Predictive maintenance programme implementation. (16 h)

CE3.5.- Operational Reliability and RCM. (16 h)

CE3.6.- Lean CBM Workshop. (8 h)

CE3.7.- Proactive maintenance techniques: alignment, balanced and lubrication. (24 h)


CE4.- Dynamic Design – Acoustic Systems.

CE4.1.- Modal Analysis. (21 h)

CE4.2.- Experimental Techniques during design stage. (21 h)

CE4.3.- Noise and Vibrations on ships Acoustic signature. (16 h)


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