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FP7 Maritime Transport Brokerage Event London (July 7th -8th of 2011).
WP2012 Information Days for Transport in Brussels  (July 19th of 2011).
EUROGIA+ Marine Renewables Information Day in Paris (March 5th of 2012).
Maritime Transport and Innovation Brokerante Event in Santiago de Compostela (June 20th-21st of 2012).
Rail Transport Brokerage Event in Warsaw (June 26th–27th of 2012).
Workshop with the Spanish Railway Platform (September 28th of 2012).
Workshop with the Spanish Armada and Observing System and Technology Foresight Defense Ministry (October 22nd of 2012).

Symposium on Noise and Vibrations in ships in UPCT (Cartagena 2010).
VII Forum of Applied Mathematics- Industry Interaction (Santiago de Compostela 2010).
49th Spanish Naval Engineering Congress (Bilbao 2010).
Congress of the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM-Genoa 2011).

Article: Shipbuilding and new requirements for reduction of environmental impact of ships: New technological challenges and business opportunities.

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2nd International Naval Engineering Congress (CIDIN-Cartagena de Indias 2011).

Article: An international reference vessel, from a Noise and Vibration point of view, in the

Framework of the SILENV Project.

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European Conference on Underwater Acoustics (ECUA 2012 Edinburgh)

Article: Achievement of the new underwater radiated noise requirements by the Spanish

shipbuilding industry. The FRV “Ramón Margalef”

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International Conference on Advances and Challenges in Marine Noise and Vibrations

(MARNAV 2012 Glasgow)

Article: The most recent Noise & Vibration assessment of the European fleet, within the

framework of the “SILENV project”.

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Power generation

Rail transport

Integration of operational real time information to enhance efficiency, competitiveness and safety of marine transport.
New techniques and numerical applications for noise and vibration abatement.
Development of new inspections procedures based on Conditioned Based Maintenance in vessels.
New generation of sensors for environmental status of marine water quality and underwater acoustic communication system for control purposes.
Acoustic active devices on board vessels for fouling abatement.

New control and Monitoring Systems for optimization of operation and maintenance.
Noise abatement to reduce the Enviromental Impact, especially underwater radiated noise of off shore wind farms.
Expert monitoring systems for maintenance purposes, especially in offshore wind farms.

Develop new maintenance methods for railway machinery
Innovative structural design for high-speed track according to static and dynamic requirements.
New techniques for outside and inside noise abatement in trains.

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Launched proposals

On-going projects

Delivered projects

Guidelines for massive application of inNOVAtive Structural materials (G-NOVAS)


The main idea of G-NOVAS is to explore the potential integration of innovative composite materials in structures on mono and multi-hull ships that may be designed to operate beyond the current design thresholds. Such guidelines would allow for large scale composite vessels to react more flexibly to changing operational and environmental conditions and thus operate in a more efficient manner reducing building and exploitation costs.

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Intelligent e-guided VESSEL for European short sea shipping (I-VESSL)


The i-VESSEL project studies the viability of a new model of maritime transport, with particular emphasis on Ultra-Short Sea Shipping (U-SSS), based on freight on intelligent autonomous ships, able to increase the adaptability, availability and autonomy of the waterborne transportation through  nhanced autonomy for ship systems and ships in a safe and sustainable way.

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Intelligent e-guided NAVigation for european

The INAV proposes a new model of maritime transport based on automatic control systems in ships so that they can navigate by themselves along “smart corridors” capable of monitoring the vessel and objects that are within its space; and the intelligent harbour infrastructure capable of interacting with vessel and cargo.

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Achieve QUieter Oceans by shipping noise footprint reduction (AQUO)

aquo AQUO is focused on an accurate description of the underwater radiated noise and on mitigation measures to reduce it with the constraint to maintain fuel efficiency at its highest level. The final goal of this project is to provide practical guidelines to policy makers, acceptable by shipyards and ship owners, tomeet the requirements of the Marine estrategy Framework directive (MSFD), particularly Descriptor 11.

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Inspection Capabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety (INCASS)

 Inspection Capabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety (INCASS)

INCASS is a multifaceted project bringing together a range of experienced and dedicated partners in order to tackle the issue of the ship inspection, identification of high-risk and sub-standard ships, providing access to information related to ships surveys independent of the ship flag state and inspection regime and moreover incorporate enhanced and harmonised cooperation of maritime stakeholders in order to avoid ship accidents, promote maritime safety and protect the enviorenment.

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Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies (BESST)

Crystal Serenity at Geiranger Fjord - Norway Crystal Serenity - Crystal Cruises

Crystal Serenity at
Geiranger Fjord – Norway
Crystal Serenity – Crystal Cruises

The BESST project intends to increase the competitiveness of European built ships through decreased life cycle cost, drastically reduced environmental impact and improved safety. This will be achieved by developing new cost efficient building processes, improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, the outdoor and underwater noise generated and improving reliability through Condition Monitoring.

See the project website: www.besst.it

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Ships oriented Innovative soLutions to rEduce Noise & Vibrations (SILENV)

Noise map The SILENV project proposes a holistic approach to reduce ship-generated noise and vibration pollution. The main goal of this project is to define a “Vibro-acoustic Green Label” proposal that includes recommended target levels for N&V and associated design guidelines.

See the project website: www.silenv.eu

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Heavily loaded propellers optimization for fast conventional ferries (DINN-22)

CLT helice The main goal of DINN-22 was to achieve the necessary technological maturity that permits the practical application of CLT propellers in fast ferries, basing on similar technical models applied to conventional ones. Thanks to this project a valuable knowledge was acquired through the measurements and observations in full scale models and through comparing those with the data collected in the sea trials.

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Power generation

Rail transport

For low emission vessels.
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For monitoring systems to enhance operational efficiency in the marine sector.
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For structures in composite materials in large length vessels.
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For sensors for the environmental status of marine water quality.
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For off shore wind farms.
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For rail transport.
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TSI has set up its TSI  Research, Development and Innovation Department (RDI) to further TSI´s  research strategy with the aim to maintain our position in the forefront of the Specialised Engineering companies.

Supported by the knowledge hoarded during the last 36 years in the Noise and Vibration Engineering domain, and thanks to TSI´sinternal multidisciplinary net of experts who share their knowledge and expertise from the daily production activities with our researchers fully involved in the department RDI i is up to comply with the objective of continuously finding new challenges, technological improvements, development of new products and markets.



Thanks to this successful working philosophy and background, the  RDI team benefits from the best information in relation with market needs as well as the latest technical problems and solutions that have appeared in all industrial fields.

All the previously mentioned background permits to define the main axes of our  Strategic Research Plan that currently focus on the following main activities: