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MEGGITT SENSING SYSTEM is a company specialized in Supervision and physical parameters measurement solutions, for the aerospace, defense and Energy. Meggitt has been operating since 1927 with many names: Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Endevco, Sensorex, ECET, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon. Currently its capacities, facilities and infrastructure have all been included in the Meggitt group.


Vibro-Meter Vibro-Meter is a Meggitt’s company, focused on the production of sensors and monitoring systems (hardware/software) for rotating machinery applications.
TSI is Vibro-Meter’s sales representative in Spain since 1992 and Ecuador since 2012.


Endevco is a Meggitt’s company, is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of instrumentation for tets. Meggitt’s Endevco’s accelerometer and shock sensor product offering includes piezoelectric, IEPE, piezoresistive and variable capacitance type devices.
TSI is Endevco’s sales representative in Spain and Portugal.

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading supplier for high performance vibration monitoring and sensing solutions.

TSI is Wilcoxon’s sales representative in Spain.