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VM600 System

Monitoring and Protection Systems

Slimline VM600

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ABE 056 19″ racks are used to house hardware from Vibro-Meter´s VM600 series of machinery protection systems and condition monitoring systems. It is particularly suitable for industrial environments.

The VM600 system can probide integrated turbomachinery protection, condition and advanced performance monitoring in a single 6U high 19″ rack. It is a digital, modular and scalable hardware and software for plant usage optimization from a single advanced, flexible and configurable system.

The VM600 can accept transducers inputs from accelerometers, dynamic pressure sensors, proximity probes and velocity, temperature and air gap sensors.

Machinery Protection Card Type MPC 4

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Versatile machinery protection card, which is capable of maesuring and monitoring up to 4 dynamic signal inputs and up to 2 speed inputs simultaneously.

Machinery Pulsation Card Type MPC 1

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Very versatile machinery protection card, which is capable of measuring and monitoring 1 dynamic signal input and 1 speed input simultaneously. It is used for monitoring the behaviour of combustion chambers of gas turbines.

Condition Monitoring Card Type CMC 16

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Combustion monitoring card, which is the central element in Vibro Meter´s VM600 series Condition Monitoring System (CMS). It is capable of measuring and monitoring 16 dynamic signals input and 4 configurable as tacho inputs.

Extended Vibration Monitoring Card Type XMV 16

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Vibration monitoring card installed in the front of the rack VM600. Simultaneous monitoring data acquisition on 16 dynamic viration channels and 4 tachometer channels, all individually configurable.